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Lomabard, IL-Paper Chasin Tour presented by Chicago Executives in cooperation with TellyVizion & Dollar 4 Dollar Ent, started in Chicago providing connections to indie artist to help foster professional connections and brand equity through performance and press. Hosted by Bree Specfic from Power 92 Chicago & Maine Hodge with DJ Slugo on the sounds. Event Coverage by the one and only Blue Cheez Gang, and a host of others.

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Our goal is to develop and prepare talented artist for management while providing resources to be successful in the industry”

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Lecture You Need to Watch: Dr. Barbara Sizemore’s “Black People Still Don’t Get It”

Credit: TransAtlantic Productions

Barbara Sizemore was an American teacher and researcher in the field of education. In 1973, she became the first African American woman to head the public school system in a major city

–TransAtlantic Productions

This lecture has been saved on my watch later list for years, maybe over 4. I’ve watched it multiple times and I’ve decided to start sharing some of my independent scholarly works including my scholarly work as a member of the City Colleges of Chicago and Governors State University. My independent works satisfy me more because it’s aligned with my passion.

We need to know (blacks, poor, indigenous peoples, etc.) that no one is coming to save us and we need to prepare those coming behind us for the real true world, and not the ideal world they teach us we will graduate into as we fake climb the ladder of success in capitalism and public systems.

Feel free to comment and share your thoughts. Please share this lecture with your people, they need to hear this.

Did You Miss “The Chicago Boat Scene Weekend” ? It was Bussin Hard.

Credit: Chicago Boat Scene Dot Com

Chicago, ILL– I have never experienced my city in this way. This event was amazing ! Over 500 boats came together to party for the weekend in the sea and on land. Chicago is such a mood and a destination for those who don’t know, for those who do, you’re winning. Some of your elite and prime professionals were out here and it was definitely the place to network and promote. I left many Blue Cheez Gang Dot Com business cards for the taking.

I got so drunk, I fell asleep but I did wake up to enjoy the rest of the festivities. I’m going to learn how to swim because I wanted to go out in the water so bad with all the others who were engaged in water sports and fun.


I was informed that last year someone died from allegedly riding a jet ski at night and the lifeguards took so long to come; they found his lifeless body 30 minutes after the incident. This year another man is missing and was last seen hopping boat to boat Saturday.

Current Missing Person: Oluwafemi “Arthur” Labinjo
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For more information click here. I will update this story to properly remember and share information on the fellowman who passed last year.

@MasterPMiller “I Got The Hook Up 2, ” It’s About The Principle.

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Percy Miller does it again! Setting precedent for those to follow in his footsteps to do it even bigger. It was so many famous figures acting I couldn’t keep up. I knew faces and I had to find a full cast list to see who everyone was. I was super high watching the movie too, so it made it even better. Some people said it was trash but I have a different perspective.

It was entertaining, as it should be because it was not rated so it was just a raw as movie. Accept it. I am proud of this legacy because it opens doors for my associates and I, who are next in line to take the production of culture to the next level. was entertaining, as it should be because it was not rated so it was just a raw as movie.

Symbolically he planted seeds of things you can invest in like sneakers (fashion), legal weed, restaurants, telecommunications, snacks, and other instruments for generational wealth. He also mentioned important subjects like gentrification, repair your credit (if needed), and trade lines to boost your credit.

I can say that Romeo kilt a potential good song for me, “Holla at Me”. I think that he should continue to use these opportunities to develop his style as a artist. I appreciate this independent film and the Miller’s efforts of owning our re-presentation.

Keep promoting generational wealth and entrepreneurship. I caught the messages.

Stay in yo bag P.

#WritingSessionsAmerica #ChicagoCreed #UrbanIdeas #LiveRadioSessions @Kevin_AnR_Shine #LiveRadioSessions

Live“Radio” Sessions, “Where everything is happening right in front of you!”  

It’s was an epic weekend for the local artist community in Chicago. Writing Sessions America, Urban Ideas, and Chicago Creed put together a 2-day seminar of hosting panels, workshops, and sessions to educate talent on the business of music.  

Artist development was the foundational setting for the first day of the conference, setup the artist to develop their skills and knowledge in the profession of music. They mentored artist how to get structured to handle their business in the streets, and industry from a Chicago perspective. The goal is to connect the dots to resources to help develop the local music market in Chicago to the true dynamic of the music industry.   

Attending this event, an artist is sure to grow by grounding themselves with the information presented. Artist learn how to manage and maintain their situation; they teach the artist what to do when they finally get in the room with the power to develop their flow and score a deal. Live Radio Sessions introduced the urban market to advertising, public relations, writing and recording sessions, networking, and performing techniques to set a tone for the urban music industry in Chicago to help push culture and affairs forward.  


  • Joan Sullivan & Michael Towns of Urban Ideas Partners presented Business of Music.   
  • Kevin Shine of Writing Sessions America presented Songwriters Boot Camp.  
  • Johnny Bravo presented “in the studio” and Production.  
  • Live Performance Workshop featuring Sandy ReddTenette SmithMichele Thomas, Kevin Ross, and Sheree Lee.  
  • Music in Advertising Panel with Dani Jackson  
  • Live Radio DJ Listening Party with Terry Hunter, Lee FarmerDJ WorldDJ Phantom, and DJ Lipgloss  
  • Live Radio Showcase hosted by Isaiah Jones 
Official flyer for two conference.
Performing Artist for Live Radio Sessions Showcase
Press Partners

Entrepreneurship is the New Crack, Need Help Curbing the Bad Habits? Here’s a Dose of Inspiration.

I just want to inspire the next person or living being that’s in similar shoes as me. I’ve been going through entrepreneur sickness. You ever been so overwhelmed with opportunities, potential, and prospects that you don’t know where to start? That’s me right now, and helping everyone else settle.

It’s all about the checking of the ego and centering yourself in moods like this because they can possibly drive you to depression or into quick decision making without research and clarity, which will later cause stress. I just recently broke out in hives and I couldn’t figure out where they’d come from. I tracked all the food I ate for the day, and hadn’t eaten anything that was unusual to me. I was then told by a friend that as you get older your body changes which is true but in my current case it’s just not true.

Endurance pierces marble.

North Africa Proverb

So I called my OG (for my foreign people this is my mom), and she informed me that her and my grandmother use to get them from stress; then she told me to get some rest, so I did. I took a camping trip that kind of changed my life and was well needed. It helped me to ground myself and in the midst of my breakout I discovered a natural treatment to relieve the added on stress of the hives. African Black Soap changed my life and so did the company I had on the trip.

Caution comes from God and haste from the devil.

Bantu African Proverb

I learned that all it takes is for you to take small steps and let things go. See as an Aries I hold on to things a little bit longer than I should and I am hard on myself more so than others. This trip helped me reflect on my life for the last 8 years and identify what’s important to me and my passion. Family is important to me and business is never personal, it’s logically based in equity and trust but equally important. Sometimes you could be doing the right things but just be in need of someone you can trust to bounce ideas off of. That’s why people who aren’t a shame to admit they need help seek counsel from therapist, consultants, friends or family. Be cautious and use discernment when navigating as an entrepreneur or simply, in life period. Take your time, don’t let it beat you and control it.

First Cycle of the NEW Moon, Here’s Some Tips to GO Evolve!
I do not own the rights to the image. Credit Orah-El

Learn more about this Gemini Season and the New Moon

Enjoy the ride this New Moon Cycle and be open to communicating and learning how to make decisions or decisions will be made for you by unseen forces, period. The universe and others who control society with illusions and allusions are not going to wait for you to use your will power for spiritual growth. At least that’s one of my lessons learned about ascending spiritually and emotionally . Time to find the perfect balance so that we can get to where we need to be.

Shonnetta’s Divine Tarot
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I am a spiritualist and I have to do things that feel good and make me happy. I’m sure you feel the same way. Sharing the culture and evolving from my ego is one of my goals this New Moon. Back in April, for my new year ritual, my passion is to fulfill my hearts desires. Heal from traumatic or unhealthy experiences that caused dis-ease in my life’s journey.

The Trap Witch
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What are some are of your goals for the New Year? Make sure you’re keeping track of them and taking time out to ground yourself. Below is a video by Ralph Smarts of Infinite Waters, one of my favorite Multidimensional Beings, he gives you the secrets to grounding yourself.

Ralph Smart -Infinite Waters
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For those of you who are into the Cosmos I’m sure you will find this information rewarding. Let’s get to the real power and work on ourselves so that we can work better as a collective. Humanity-hood needs us, so let’s get our shit together. Do the work from within so that it can reflect externally.

Wonder Girl Astrology
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