Urban Culture and Affairs: Let’s Set a New Direction of Flow

What is Flow and Contra-Flow? 

Author: Briyana Kelly

Date: Sunday, January 21, 2018 11:58:16 PM CST

Subject: What is flow and contra-flow? What is meant by ethno-mediascape?

Flow is how communication and media networks attempt to hold their audience from one program to another; or even from a segment in the program to the next segment. In summary, how the constituent consumes media across networks or from programs. Contra-flow is the movement of culture brought to another place through an migrant (diaspora)  which moves the flow of media in the opposite direction of just flowing from the west to the rest of the population, making it a two way movement. Ethno-mediascape is a type of global cultural flow, mediascape is communciations media as a whole and ethno is simply ethnics. In summary, ethno-mediascape is ethnic communications media as a whole.



Author: Briyana Kelly

Date: Monday, January 22, 2018 12:05:28 AM CST

Subject: How does flow and contra-flow contribute to the emerging ethno-mediascape?

Flow and contra-flow contributes to the emerging ethno-mediascape by creating diversity in the market from ethnic cultural groups directly, other than media and communication that is disseminated by outside sources. It allows other cultures to build their own communications commodities that reflect their culture and gives them the power to tell their own story including inform their fellow members who may have relocated nationally. It gives constituents a direct connection which is a major key in relations to how flow and contra-flow contributes to ethno-mediascape. This is also great because it’s great for representational value dealing with other ethic cultural groups.

 Why am I igniting this conversation? 

Well as you know, I’m building my credibility as a Social Scientist and Engineer, so it’s only right that I share my research. I’m currently studying Global Media and Informational Flow with my Professor, Dr. Deborah James, at Governors State University.  

My interest in Media Studies is from never seeing an accurate portrayal of my identity and culture. I want to help move Urban Culture forward scientifically and dis-spell all of the misconceptions of who I am in the world. As an Urban Citizen I didn’t get into institutional studies to be socially reformed, I admitted myself to socially reform those who share their perspective of the African Diaspora globally based on their assumptions of who we are.  I think we need to focus on glocal conversations in the dominant aka global media flow.


Thussu,Daya Kishan. (2007)Media on the Move: Global flow and contra-flow.New York, NY. Routledge.


The Leadership Challenge:

Do you know what it’s like to be a leader? Are you working on being a better leader? Some people think that we are born leaders but maybe that’s not the case.

I think that leadership is something that anyone can achieve if they’re exploring the world in search of their higher selves. For me, I am a leader and I’m working on being a better leader especially when it comes to working in groups.

I’ve taken on the opportunity to invest in self by taking a Group Communication Leadership class last semester. My intentions were to challenge myself to grow as a leader and make sure that I help others find the leader in themselves.

I have faith that everyone is a leader of self and if that’s realized or made apparent then everyone can work together. Collaboration is very important when you’re goal is to transcend, expand, or grow in life.

In class we watched, Twelve Angry Men, a live teleplay on CBS Studio One in the early 1900s. In all honestly, I watched the movie about 4 times after thinking that I was going to purely be bored. What do you think you would do as juror if you had to deliberate on someone’s life?

Reflection of 12 Angry Men

Twelve Angry Men

I do not own the copyrights to this video. 


“Hood Journalist” @TheRealZackTV1 from Chicago Found Dead in South Loop

Zachary Stoner also known as Zack TV was shot and killed this morning at 1 AM on 700 S. Clark after leaving a concert at Refuge Live located 416 S. Clark Street. Zack was a popular vlogger on YouTube in the hip hop community who published over a 1,000 interviews and had a large social media following.

Reported by Chicago’s very own WGN, “Stoner was shot in the neck and head before his Jeep drove up a curb and crashed into a light pole. He was taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital in critical condition. where he later died”

Witnesses mentioned that a group of people jumped out of a Chevy Caprice and hopped into a gold or tan car. The Chevy Caprice was also involved in the accident.

There is no word on any other injuries or no one is in custody Wednesday, currently still undergoing investigation.

“I’m hearing stories like they may have been mad at him because he did interviews with certain rappers,” friend Phor Robinson said. “But that’s not his fault for him doing his job. I don’t know why anyone would attack Zack and shoot him. He’s not that type. He shows love to everybody in Chicago.”

Reported by WGN

I would personally like to send out condolences to Zack’s family and friends.  I remember this past summer him and DJ Amaris carrying me out of a pool party because I cut my foot. Zack was such a gentleman and down to earth being.  A young legend gone to soon but will never be forgotten. As a fellow Hood Journalist, your work will live on through me and many others to come.

Getting my Shit 💩 Together 😊 😂

Since the semester has ended, I’ve been 🐝 crunching my brain 🧠 on how I am going to use my new equipped skills ✍🏾 and knowledge 📚 to manifest my goals 🍯 but then I realized after a phone 📲 call with a friend, I was already doing it and just needed to slow down.

I’ve been moving so fast that I’m not taking the time to be good to myself realizing what I’m creating on a daily basis. So, I’ve decided to focus my attention on where I insert and incept.

I’ll be journaling my summer chronicles while preparing myself for my final expected year of my Bachelor’s degree.

I guess what you can call me is a starving artist 👩🏾‍🎨 , not willing to sell 💴 my soul or compromise my vision for lesser quality.

I appreciate you for flowing with me and I look 👀 forward to us growing together.

3rd Annual @TheBlackMall Awards at the @DuSableMuseum

“Honoring the best in Black business” with The Black Mall’s 3rd Annual Awards at the DuSable Museum was seemingly pleasant, leading the way for how we celebrate 🎉 Black excellence.

I mostly enjoyed their talent especially Opal Staples. She touched my heart ❤️ with her angelic voice and seasoned control of the stage.

As for Limitless Soundz and MonCheri it was nothing less than expected of them to bring that 🔥 fire. I always enjoy 😊 their performances but last night I was introduced to LOSTXTRIBE, a trio: Cheri Soul, limitless Soundz & Sleepy Brotha.

This event was eccentric but its was beautifully orchestrated encompassing many aspects of contemporary African diaspora culture. It’s beautiful 😍 to 👀 see Africans be indigenous.

Here’s a recap

Finally Free! From Mental Prison, Thanks for the Reminder Ye.

I finished my Flow Information Project, which happens to be my last project of the semester, at midnight. I traced the content flow of Kanye’s recent media event that subjected him to be scrutinized by that powers that be (media).

I honestly feel free. I feel like school is a mental prison because it cripples my creativity. I value organization and structure but I don’t like the thought of doing busy work without application or creating. I do appreciate the draft work in the same token.


After falling into Kanye’s performance art on the media stage, I thought it was a good idea to share a different perspective to look at how you view your media. A scientific way that will help you identify the source’s intentions. Anyone that consumes media, should be media literate. If not, then you should learn because it’s a cultural commodity that dominates contemporary life.

I have to say that I agree with many of Kanye’s point. When you look at history from a universal viewpoint it makes sense. We do have to take into account that this is a person that has allegedly been disconnected from the world. T.I. mentioned in his Breakfast Club interview that “Kanye just getting a phone”.

Critical Autonomy

The process by which a member of the audience is able to read a media text in a way other than the preferred reading. Also used to describe the ability of media literacy students to deconstruct texts outside the classroom.

All Kanye simply saying is: 


  1. (of a country or region) having self-government, at least to a significant degree.
    “the federation included sixteen autonomous republics”
    • acting independently or having the freedom to do so.
      “an autonomous committee of the school board”
    • (in Kantian moral philosophy) acting in accordance with one’s moral duty rather than one’s desires.


      self-governingself-rulingself determiningindependentsovereignfree,
      unmonitored, “an autonomous republic”

Pill Cosby is Guilty but What about the Others 👀⁉️

Bill Cosby has been found guilty on retrial of three counts of aggravated indecent assault. He faces 10 years for each account, and possibly able to serve his time simultaneously . He’s the first celebrity assault trail since #METOO got started.

Bill did admitted to purchasing the quaaludes to give to women, so we know that he isn’t innocent but we do know that some willingly took the drugs and some allegedly didn’t.

Hannibal Buress, a comedian, reignited the trial with jokes from his 2014 stand-up show in Philly.

You know what’s sad about this? Why the fuck isn’t Harvey Weinstein and the others like Woody Allen, that have been accused with more recent vivid accounts been tried? If Bill really violated these women then he does deserve to be punished but he’s too old to be serving time in jail. Meanwhile in America, Weinstein is somewhere laying low and Brad Pit just purchased the rights to tell his story.

America is legit a piece of 💩, there’s no balance here and it’s sad that they play “Black” people like their blind. I pray that EVERY man, not just black, but white too, gets slammed for violating the a woman’s person or body.

Be fair and bring everyone justice.

The Importance of the Opposite Sex and Dating

There’s a reason why there is a male for every female and vice versa. Have you ever thought about getting married, being loved, and loving someone else ? If your a normal individual you have thought about who your soulmate is at least once. Why is it so hard to date, court, and get married nowadays if there’s somebody for everybody? Dating is a vicious cycle. Men are supposedly the predators yet you have more women taking that position today throwing the chemical balance off between men and women. More men are becoming use to flocking females, thots, whores, hoes, whatever you call them because women are allowing too much inconsistency, red flags, and chilling in their life. Knowing your worth is worth your while and can help you figure out major decisions in your life. Don’t know your self worth, spend time with yourself and figure it out.

Understand the Process and Term


. Dating

a. to be a boyfriend or girlfriend of (someone of the opposite sex)

b. to accompany (a member of the opposite sex) on a date

Dating consist of social activities between two people with the aim of assessing each others compatibility/suitably to be partners in an intimate relationship, and or spouse. Dating is a social relationship, casual and fun. So What are the protocol, rules and practices to dating ? It’s the   idea of searching for your soulmate, so it applies differently according to your location in the world, sex, and interest.


a. to seek another’s love; woo.

b. to attempt to gain (applause, favor, a decision, etc.).

Dating VS. Courting

Is there really a difference between the two ? Well you know my favorite thing is to dissect, so let’s figure it out.

Courting is getting to know someone with the intentions of building a lasting long term monogamy or polyamory relationship. (It’s called OFFICIALLY being in a relationship with actual goals and plans).

Dating is couple planned activities, scouting options that are available to you, with intentions of becoming romantically involved. (otherwise known as practice) it’s figuring things out, figuring out what you want and what you don’t want.

In my opinion yes, it’s levels to relationships., dating isn’t easy and courting is no easier but between the two dating is a lot easier than courting someone. The only difference between courting is that you have made the conscious decision of investing in something that you’re interested in, care about, and find worth while that could turn into something worth living for.

Stages of Dating

Attraction/ Choosing
Uncertainty/ Deciding if the person is right for you

Becoming exclusive (mutual decision to become committed)

Last but not least Courting

My experience with dating these past four years has been crazy but well worth getting to know me as a woman. This topic has been well researched and lived to back up the details in this post. I’ve become confident with what I want as a woman, comfortable with choosing my man after he has chosen me. It’s not about being thirsty for someone but its about being appreciated and shown interest in who you truly are, while giving back what’s given to you. Dating is fun but courting should always be your goal. From personal experience:Never settle for less than what you want, deserve, and seek, don’t waste your time.

Lets get back to basics.