Urban Culture and Affairs: Let’s Set a New Direction of Flow

What is Flow and Contra-Flow? 

Author: Briyana Kelly

Date: Sunday, January 21, 2018 11:58:16 PM CST

Subject: What is flow and contra-flow? What is meant by ethno-mediascape?

Flow is how communication and media networks attempt to hold their audience from one program to another; or even from a segment in the program to the next segment. In summary, how the constituent consumes media across networks or from programs. Contra-flow is the movement of culture brought to another place through an migrant (diaspora)  which moves the flow of media in the opposite direction of just flowing from the west to the rest of the population, making it a two way movement. Ethno-mediascape is a type of global cultural flow, mediascape is communciations media as a whole and ethno is simply ethnics. In summary, ethno-mediascape is ethnic communications media as a whole.



Author: Briyana Kelly

Date: Monday, January 22, 2018 12:05:28 AM CST

Subject: How does flow and contra-flow contribute to the emerging ethno-mediascape?

Flow and contra-flow contributes to the emerging ethno-mediascape by creating diversity in the market from ethnic cultural groups directly, other than media and communication that is disseminated by outside sources. It allows other cultures to build their own communications commodities that reflect their culture and gives them the power to tell their own story including inform their fellow members who may have relocated nationally. It gives constituents a direct connection which is a major key in relations to how flow and contra-flow contributes to ethno-mediascape. This is also great because it’s great for representational value dealing with other ethic cultural groups.

 Why am I igniting this conversation? 

Well as you know, I’m building my credibility as a Social Scientist and Engineer, so it’s only right that I share my research. I’m currently studying Global Media and Informational Flow with my Professor, Dr. Deborah James, at Governors State University.  

My interest in Media Studies is from never seeing an accurate portrayal of my identity and culture. I want to help move Urban Culture forward scientifically and dis-spell all of the misconceptions of who I am in the world. As an Urban Citizen I didn’t get into institutional studies to be socially reformed, I admitted myself to socially reform those who share their perspective of the African Diaspora globally based on their assumptions of who we are.  I think we need to focus on glocal conversations in the dominant aka global media flow.


Thussu,Daya Kishan. (2007)Media on the Move: Global flow and contra-flow.New York, NY. Routledge.


Analysis: Laquan McDonald’s Aggressor has been Convicted of 2nd Degree Murder and 16 Counts of Aggravated Battery with a Firearm;but not Guilty of Official Misconduct of Office

For 3 years, I watched my peers fight for justice throughout the city and they have finally been served what they asked for: A CONVICTED MURDER.

On Friday, the ex-Officer, Van Dyke was found guilty of second degree murder and 16 Counts of aggravated battery with a firearm; for every bullet he fired into Laquan’s Estate (body), as adduced by the judge. He was found not guilty on official misconduct of office. Dyke’s bond was revoked and sentencing has been scheduled for October 31.

Three officers have been charged with conspiracy, obstruction of justice, and official misconduct: Officer Thomas Gaffney, former Detective David March, and ex-officer Joseph Walsh (Van Dyke’s partner). Prosecutors alleged that the three lied in reports about 17-year old, Laquan McDonald, being a threat October 20, 2014.

This is a victory not only for the city of Chicago but for Black America. I learned a lot from my peers and their journey in fighting for justice for Laquan. I learned that we don’t have to agree on everything but what we do agree on is we want change for ourselves and community; we can accomplish a great deal when we stand up for what we believe in and that we are here to make change.

What they have done for the city is remarkable: Mayor won’t be running for second election, superintendent was fired, and local prosecutor lost her bid for reelection, as reported by NY TImes. They are working on upcoming elections, Black Caucus and the morally corrupt alderman(s).

Looking Forward to Sentencing, logically.

I am happy for the verdict and my peers, but “we” must be logical about how he was convicted and not emotional about the ordeal. I performed some research on criminal laws and doctrines related to the case. I also critically examined the communication disseminated by media.  

I am not a lawyer nor a judge. I am an independent journalist and scholar, my duty and responsibility is to examine cases critically with logic and supporting facts.

Breaking it down, charge by charge.

According to the Illinois State Laws, second degree murder carries the sentencing between four (4) to twenty (20) years and is charged as a Class 1 felony. Depending on the leniency of the judge and the circumstances of the crime, a four-year probation term instead of prison may be an option. The maximum fine is $25,000 plus a surcharge of $3,125. Upon release from prison, there is a mandatory two year parole period.”

In regards to the aggravated assault and battery, according to the Illinois General Assembly, if committed with a dangerous instrument, it is defined in subdivision as a Class X felony which a person can be sentenced to imprisonment a minimum of 6 years to a max of 45 years.

Excerpt from Illinois General Assembly


Aggravated battery as defined in subdivision (e)(1) is a Class X felony.

   Aggravated battery as defined in subdivision (a)(2) is a Class X felony for which a person shall be sentenced to a term of imprisonment of a minimum of 6 years and a maximum of 45 years.

   Aggravated battery as defined in subdivision (e)(5) is a Class X felony for which a person shall be sentenced to a term of imprisonment of a minimum of 12 years and a maximum of 45 years.

   Aggravated battery as defined in subdivision (e)(2), (e)(3), or (e)(4) is a Class X felony for which a person shall be sentenced to a term of imprisonment of a minimum of 15 years and a maximum of 60 years.

   Aggravated battery as defined in subdivision (e)(6), (e)(7), or (e)(8) is a Class X felony for which a person shall be sentenced to a term of imprisonment of a minimum of 20 years and a maximum of 60 years.

   Aggravated battery as defined in subdivision (b)(1) is a Class X felony, except that:

       (1) if the person committed the offense while armed

    with a firearm, 15 years shall be added to the term of imprisonment imposed by the court;
       (2) if, during the commission of the offense, the
    person personally discharged a firearm, 20 years shall be added to the term of imprisonment imposed by the court;
       (3) if, during the commission of the offense, the
    person personally discharged a firearm that proximately caused great bodily harm, permanent disability, permanent disfigurement, or death to another person, 25 years or up to a term of natural life shall be added to the term of imprisonment imposed by the court.

Illinois One Act, One Crime Doctrine

Former Will County Prosector, Jack Zaremba’s Law Office statesa criminal defendant can only be convicted of one crime that corresponds to a particular action, even if that action could constitute more than one offense.”

Which means that he will be sentenced for both charges; possibly serving the minimum imprisonment time or probation; the 16 counts of aggravated battery not holding much weight, can be combined and considered one act for sentencing. Let’s not forget this is a first offense for him and that we must consider if the judge will be lenient or not.

His time will more than likely not be consecutive but concurrent.

In Closing

Kevin Graham, president of the Chicago Fraternal Order of Police, says the conviction will be appealed. 

Did we really get justice?


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Happy 5th Anniversary ‼️ To BK From Wordpress 😊 : How does this make me feel ⁉️💞 #BitterSweet

It’s amazing because it’s a reflection of how consistent I have been in developing my quality of communication and media. And to think I’ve been hard on my self because I’ve been thinking that I haven’t been consistent.

I’ve come a long way ‼️ and I have ways to go but this milestone reminds me that I can overcome anything. Throughout these last 5 years, I’ve floated through the industry crafting, drafting, and developing my lane. This year I’ve finally chosen a specialty: LAW , ETHICS, and ACTS. 

After playing almost every position in the Field. I am now using all of my tools and knowledge acquired to further run 🏃🏾‍♀️ my race, as Nipsey Hussle says “Marathon”, because I’m more into victory laps. At some point the race will end but the marathon continues.

I am Self-Published, Director, CTO 👩🏾‍💼, Editor, Scholar 👩🏾‍🏫, Producer, Creative, Communication and Media Specialist, and everything else I intend on being in the future.

BIG thanks to all those who have, will, and do support me during my venture. It’s been a long 6 years in finding self. And I’m grateful to have shared it with you.

I dedicate this celebration to Jaymo and , a close relative who was shot and killed today on the Southside of Chicago, including the other young man who was shot & killed. I will not mention his name in respect of his family and to give them their privacy. 

This is why my mission is important because quality in using our (my) voice will bring change to our environment especially if we do it in quantity.

I love you all forever and you did not leave in vain. All angels 👼🏾 memories will live forever through us & our legacy.

Happy 5th Anniversary to me‼️🇲🇦🍾🥃🍷🍸🍹 Thanks for having meWordpress.

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@BlueCheezRicky ‘s “Dream” & “606 Summer” #NewReleases

Blue Cheez Ricky doubles up on the releases for the month, debuting “Dream” featuring Gizelle today, Sept. 24, and “606 Summer” featuring Rio Dezonero, Sept. 4.

Coming from the Southside of Chicago with creative content: visuals and audio works, Blue Cheez Ricky is here to “Stay True” just like his latest album release. 



Available on:

#Apple Music
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#Amazon Music

Film Credits
Director & Producer: Based Bruh
Executive Director & Editor: Blue Cheez Ricky
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Blue Cheez Ricky | Dream | Featuring Gizelle 


Blue Cheez Ricky | 606 Summer | Featuring Rio Dezonero



Fall Equinox 🍁 🍂🐿#TrapWitch 💩 💯 #FULLMoon 🌕 ✨ #MAJORSHIFT #LetsGetIt #MaximizeYourEnergy

Wednesday, I was talking about how I was procrastinating and 💩. 😂 but what I didn’t know in that world 🗺 (because I live in my own 🌍 too) was that I’m aligning with this full moon 🌕 in Aries 🐑. What a great way to slide into the Fall during this equinox (September 22, and I watched this video September 21).

Equinox, the Sun rises directly in the east and sets directly in the west
I do not own the copyrights to this image. Photo Credit: Haiti Observer

Want to know more about the Autumnal Equinox?  

After I did some reflective thinking 🤔 💭, and watching Tatiana Skroskis, The Trap Witch, video; I am very grateful to be aligned with what is naturally taking place.

She’s an intercessor and intuitive healer who gives insight on the general energy of the cosmos. I just got in-tune with her, and as a reflection of my sister, I find no coincidence in her referral to me from the universe. She just popped up in my YouTube feed, watched one video, and now I am apart of her flow.


Be Better, Not Be Bitter; not be feeling sorry for yourself…….Fear is not an option right now.    ~ The Trap Witch 

I’ve been seeing cockroaches all summer, nbs (no bullshit). I’m very much into animal, plants, and living being totems. I have faith that the universe is always communicating with me. Getting ready to go through this last quarter, I agree with her that the last 3 quarters have prepared me for what’s to come.

I’ve been so amazed and grateful for my advancement, that I know I am achieving more. I’ve been feeling this and I am more confident now that I have the skills I was looking to partner with others for; I don’t have to wait anymore. I am making progress, even through my struggles, because I am logically thinking (mathematically); I am persistent with my actions.

I am not afraid to go back to the drawing board anymore. I use to not do as well as I planned on certain projects, and would fall off the map or be inconsistent. Now I realized that in order to grow I must be free-spirited (consistently) in my creative efforts. That’s what makes me different; is how I express self while setting my spirit free.

I trust my self. I am ready for what I asked the universe for. I am being rewarded this harvest for the seeds that I have planted.

Nothing that’s for you will ever miss you but you’ll miss it if you’re not bold enough to go after it. ~ The Trap Witch

© owned by BKORNOWAY Media & Entertainment Photo Credit: Ayinde Hamilton


“They” Say Procrastination Kills but Does it Really 🤔 💭

Procrastination can sneak up at the wrong time, and sometimes, at the right time. It can help you avoid something’s or give extra time to make better decisions; or worse ones.

I was inspired to write this because my Mother told me that I had been “procrastinating” lately, and I agreed with her perspective. After thinking about what she said and going inside of my self to see how it aligned, I learned; I am calculating my steps more in the private and public sphere.

Personal perspective of 💩

I don’t know 🤷🏾‍♀️ what the fuck it is 😂. I ain’t gone lie, I don’t even think it’s procrastination, it’s like a procreation of something else in theory. I think I’m slowing down and following my intuition more.


Taking the time to evaluate the situations I want to be in and experience; seeing if they are congruent with my mission and vision.

I believe that I will not get caught in a jam, if I do. Studying Communication and analyzing everyday life has been a little too damn much at the moment.

I’m literally applying everything as I’m typing (and you’re reading) this. Educational institutions and the workforce overloads us with information including our environment with less opportunities to experience the things they teach/share.

I need more action to happen, people creating more opportunities for themselves (independently or an organization), because all this “talk” the institutions are spreading into flows, is a hoax.

So, I am relaxing and regrouping self because it’s easy to get lost out here. Especially, subsidizing someone’s dream instead of building your own.

With that being said, I’m picky. I see my vision “clearly”. I learned that nothing is instant but everything is calculated.


But I searched procrastination kills, check out what comes up. Might want to take heed to it.

I wrote this shit from my phone too. That’s how pressed I was 😂

Dr @HearonTrackz El 12.0 Edition at Bassline and #TrackzAudio “Most Slept On”! Contest Winner @GymShoeJu

The infamous Hearon Trackz came here from Canada to support the city in their indie efforts. He powered 12. 0 Platform presented by Luckie One Management, Twenty Three Entertainment and Party with DJ Mile High; hosted by Shaneika Speaks and  Lil Keisha; sounds provided by DJ Mile High and DJ Skoli.

Hearon has so much planned for the city, just follow his flow.