National Anthem Protest X “45”: Let’s Get Straight to What Black People Are Saying @realDonaldTrump

Let’s address REAL Incompetent and Immature Communication with a Different Perspective 

It’s three different types of communication, according to Duck & McMahan in their textbook Everyday Life Communication. 

  1. Action
  2. Interaction
  3. Transaction

The President has failed to properly communicate, and has been failing at communication since he’s been in character. It doesn’t matter who authors his speeches because his communication isn’t aligned with his actions. He’s embarrassing to his own nation, acting like a delinquent minor.

As I work on my own challenges in life, I begin to see those same challenges in other persons, just in a different context or situation. The United States of America has forgotten it’s history and maybe we need to revisit as an collective. Is slavery, civil rights, and colonizing forgotten about? Are we being pressed to forget about how fucked up this nation has been and is to Black persons?

I’m a second post generational citizen of slaves here in the United States, I’m versed in my own culture and everyday I’m out in society in a world where I’m not as equally loved as my culture is in America.  As I self study, I’ve learned a lot about those people who you brutality captured, betrayed, stealing their birthrights, inheritance, divinity, and nationality away from them. I learned none of true history in Public Schools but yet being told I had to stand for “Star Spangeld Banner”,  which originally Francis Scott Key wrote to tell the bloody murdering story of slaves (my ancestors) being killed by his savage associates and partners. You guys ought to be a shame of yourself for self for not playing the game fair. For unjustly “trying” to instill law, when you don’t even honor the codes, even the ones you set.

No longer in America we will sit back and maturely try to compromise because of your emotions about your own self identity crisis and unrighteousness. We have been overlooking the fact that you have many hidden secrets and lies in this country, that do not make sense to the naive. It’s makes a lot of sense to those who read, study in your institutions, and patronize this nation. Some of us do adequate book keeping.

World history states that we were once never minors by the way. We foolishly let you make us minors, granted you the power to rule over us with hate. Does it mean nothing to you that since your ancestors have “founded” this land, our ancestors have been doing nothing but “trying” to befriend yours, and make it where we can live in harmony. Today we still “try” to overlook your childish ways and befriend you, so that we can live in harmony.

At this point, some of us is going to have to start speaking up because the United States of America seems to have Black people or brown-copper colored skin people fucked up. We don’t need your permission to protest something that was directly made to harm us on multiple levels. Ya’ll don’t physically harm us any more but you try to do everything in your power to presentation-ally misrepresent us.

And not all “White People” are bad, educated or ignorant but all “white people” have the power and will to acknowledge the truth or seek truth for better understanding. I’m going to follow up this post with a non bias analysis of this subject.

I say this with the highest honor in love, loyalty, peace, freedom, and justice for all.


@IamCardiB Glow Up and Infectious Inspiration for Hood

The Global Hip Hop Platform……and

The Hip Hop Generation is taking a new turn for the better. Influencing others in the world to be themselves and live authentically. Our newest member, Cardi B from the Bronx, New York just ousted Taylor Swift from the top of the Billboard charts with her informal single “Bodak Yellow (MoneyMoves)”. As reported by The New Yorker’s Staff Writer, Doreen, “The rise of the twenty-four-year-old Cardi B, born Belcalis Almanzar—who earlier this week became the first solo female rap act to top theBillboard charts since Lauryn Hill, in 1998—is dizzying; it’s almost like a fairy tale, according to the  Ringer’s Lindsay Zoladz.”

Why is this inspirational not only to women over the world but just people in general? Because she’s shown resilience, focus, dedication, and that your grind can pay off if you stick to your plan. Cardi B has also shown others that it’s not where you’re from that defines you, it’s your body of work. I think this can encourage someone like my peers and I, who are students that are working on getting to the next level of higher education. We get burnt out, sometimes don’t know where all this challenging work will take us, so we either drop off or take a long break from our education. We even get discourage due to everyday life stress. Take some pointers from Cardi and stay down until you come up.


Félix, D. S. (2017, September 27). Cardi B, the Female Rapper Who Ousted Taylor Swift from the Top of the Charts. Retrieved September 27, 2017, from


@TheSingerJoshK with @MyFabolousLife “Feeling Myself”

Up on this Saturday rising, I’m looking to see what I’ve missed in the market. I follow Josh K., and I came across him sharing his content. I had to check it out!

See it for yourself and tell me what you think, me? I like it. I be feeling myself all the time especially because my beauty shines from the inside-out.


@TaRhondaJay and @Wale collaborating on Music 🎶 

Well I ❤️ to log into my Facebook account and get some good news, and TaRhonda gave me just that. Just leaving Taraji’s yacht party 🎉 she excitedly shares a moment from the event between her and Wale. 

I love that jewels 💎 she dropped as well, about the power of prayer and having a sense of humility throughout her process. Just pure motivation and I hope that me sharing it, motivates you too. 

Check it out! 

Can’t wait to hear 👂🏾 what’s comes from your creative ❤️ ♥️ minds. 

Indigenous Kenyans in Space 🚀 👽 The MaaSci Project 

Inspired by the Maasai Tribe in Kenya 🇰🇪 African Artist 👩🏽‍🎤 Jacque Njeri uses fair images to create sci-fi art depicting Africans in space 🚀, creating a whole new world 🌎 . Her project’s goal is to influence  African children to be proud of their roots and encourage them to shoot for the stars, inspiring them to advance intellectually and scientifically. I think that her project is amazing and I can’t wait to see it’s expansion.

I read the comments in the post and it made me a bit upset caused by the ignorance of Caucasians, who have a problem with her science fiction art, casting Kenyans into space. It’s such a shame that racism is ignored nationally when it’s everywhere, and in our face. One ☝🏾 guy even mentioned about us being colonized all over the world 🌎 , so if this is a general discussion amongst citizens then why is it so hard for officials to address the racism issue once and for all? 

This is where I read the comment.As you can he has a massive amounts of likes, Marshall guy is my reference point.


Check out the video! 

The Embodiment of Social Truth and Wisdom

Ethics , Law, and You 

Due to the semantics revelation that I’m having right now, I’m finding it pretty complicated for me to advertise and publish. I know that there are two sides to the game, and eventually there’s a side to be picked. I love communication and media because it’s a commodity, the industries are adventurous, and I pick up jewels all day. Its very broad ranging and it provides me with the thrill of being able to ever change my roles consistently.

Ethically, I go through a fit! Thinking of what information I want to flow down my stream. My informational flow has to align with my vibes, so I’m tailoring my chi. With all that is being published today, I just feel I need to go in a different direction as a reporter.  So for now, I think that I’ll focus on continuing my study in different arts in communication and learning how to work with myself.

One of my main intentions is just to be ethical in how I approach building out my brand. There are a lot of things I can share but I just can’t report on it, it’s irrelevant to what we need to be focused on as a collective. I understand the child in the human needs entertainment but the adolescent in us has to grow up. Someone needs to address the fact that we have a gang of people universally that are lost, and need to know how to address their reality. We need to do better, I will be on the other side of the game to influence that change by starting with me first.


We all hold a personal and public responsibility for humanity, it’s that simple. All this chaos with the law and those who are sworn to uphold it, is fucked up. I just gotta keep it true to what all this shit means. Morally, we all are in dishonor because not only is there people conspiring against my people but we are also doing it to ourselves. We have to start addressing our social issues immediately or I can see shit continuing to get out of hand. I simply choose to not participate in the foolishness. This cultural war we’re experiencing shall reveal and lift the veil for many, I hope.

I am coming to know that I don’t really know shit, lbs. The only thing I’m coming to grips with is that I need to know myself, if not anything else. SO Fuck it! I’m just going to dive deep into building on a inner level because all this culture and politics bullshit that’s manifesting, is just too much right now. They ass need to get it together, they look like some damn fools.

I am getting into neologism  for the sake my sanity right now. I need social truth and wisdom to grow.

It feels so good to get this off my mind. 

Protectors or Oppressors

    Are they here to protect us, or oppress us? This is one of the first questions that comes to mind for most people when they think of the police force. We constantly hear about or see accounts of police misconduct. Most of the time through the media we view real encounters or  the subject pops up in a conversation. 

As a whole, the majority of the population knows of or probably has been a victim of police misconduct. Only a few actually know how to go about reducing the chances of these unlawful actions being made. What is police misconduct exactly? And how can we combat this injustice?

    Police misconduct refers to ill-appropriated conduct and/or illegal actions taken by police officers in connection with their official duties. This can range from an officer using their siren to run a red light, to an officer shooting an unarmed civilian without proper provocation. Situations like these put both civilians, and the officer involved in unwanted danger. In order to put forth an effort to stop these dangerous situations, we must first look at some of the root causes of misconduct in the police force.

    One may guess that a policeman’s individual display of misconduct means that they weren’t properly trained in the first place. Policemen go through training meant to instruct them on how to de-escalate stressful situations but there’s more to it. 

According to the National Institute of Justice, There is no single, universally agreed-upon definition of use of force. This means that it’s up to the officers themselves to determine how much force is appropriate for a certain situation. Once an officer is in the field, there is nothing stopping them from using an excessive amount of force. 

When you add the individual policeman’s point of view and morals into the equation, the situation can escalate very quickly. On top of that, Our officers of the law are not being adequately punished for their excessive use of force. 

A Bureau of Justice Statistics analysis of national data on citizen complaints, about the use of force found that in departments with 100 or more officers , the complaint rate for police use of force was 6.6 complaints per 100 sworn officers. Out of these complaints, 8 percent had sufficient evidence to take disciplinary action against the officer. 

If our law enforcement is basically allowed to behave however they please, how can we trust them to ensure our safety? We can’t. That’s why something must be done to change the current state of the police force.

   Now we have to ask ourselves: What steps can be taken to prevent misconduct and brutality? 

Policemen must be given stricter punishments for stepping out of line. An officer should not be able to harm a civilian that isn’t a threat, then to be put on leave, and then return to the field.

 This is unacceptable and unnecessarily puts innocent lives in danger. Police officers are civilians themselves. Therefore, they should not be above the law. That, along with a stricter guideline for use of force, would help to prevent any undesirable outcomes to interactions between policemen and civilians.

    Our law enforcement’s main purpose is to protect and serve, but oftentimes it seems as though they’re only here to bring us down. 

By introducing stricter guidelines for course of action and more appropriate punishments for misconduct, we can slowly but surely change the condition of the police force into something closer to it’s desired image. We deserve protectors of the law. Not the brutish enforcers that are present today.