We’re Just Getting Started

April 12, 2018, I published a post, you can see it for yourself here, where I’d gathered some of my peers from Governors State and from the hood to develop a relational program and project that assisted with some guidelines in our class’s group project assignment for Group Communication, it’s pretty much how I got my leadership attributes when this project was graded. This was the unincorporated start of Feed The Hood.

My community partner, Kristina Williams, and I had been delivering whole fresh meals that were donated to us from Pret’s . We were using it as a means to connect with our people, align ourselves to learn, and participate in how we meet their/our needs or find out if we even know if we can meet their/our needs. Socially we don’t truly talk to each other enough and we have to break bread with one another. Especially now, so I wanted to continue this nonprofit work with profit still in purpose without taking away from the social mission.

I’ve been learning compassion and collective work through my experiences of being a native and enthusiast in urban culture, and that’s the vibe I want to share with the collective consciousness and beings of the universe so we can continue to ascend for the sake of humanity.

Being from the hood I begin to notice the knowledge gap and digital divide between between indigenous beings. It was a ego crusher to know that I was one of them. As scholar I decided to chair FEED THE HOOD NFP to provide limited low liability services to help solve our issues in humanities by the way of social enterprising and entrepreneurship incorporating July 29, 2019. Since then I have made connects with partners and members who are rocking with the mission and vision to develop our community relations.

We’re going to be socioeconomically building our force to fight against the crimes committed against humanity.

So there it is, and so it shall be. Aho !

BK is the Founder, President, and Director of Culture and Affairs.

“As a Creative Agency Director, working with Feed The Hood NFP & BK makes communication with public relations and marketing a breeze, and executing goals for my clients.”

Cortez Carter, “A Carter Agency” one of our Community Partners

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