Constructive Assessment and Explanations of Works

Governors State University and Scholarship Assessment

Explanations of Works

Associates Degree

Business Communications

I chose to share this document to show my research and business communication skills from my associates degree to stack my experience in reporting research for businesses and strategically being able to document information for an target audience, my client or learning how to format documents properly to transmit information into a mobile instrument. I look back at this document and I know that I have come a long way, I can also see how I can approve.

Hip Hop, Culture , and Politics

This work was selected to share my skills as a Sociologist who focus on social problems and revealing one of my ways to do it. This midterm reflects my philosophy and knowledge in analyzing an issue and putting forth a perspective for solving it. This also gives insight into my foundation theory and lens in how I incorporate hip hop, culture and politics into my practice as a Communication Scholar.

 Legal and Social Environment of Business

This presentation helped remind me of when I begin to set boundaries and standards for the way I do business legally in the social environment. This work reflects my presentation skills and my ability to deliver knowledge for understanding. It showcases my business knowledge in alternate ways to settle disputes and that I have a foundation in the regulation of business.

Public Speaking

In my associates degree, I honed a special skill and that is speaking and writing. This video was conceived as I went back out into the market to practice my public speaking skills at lectures on different campuses. I’m an active hands-on individual. I don’t wait around for opportunities, I seek them and I place myself independently where I need to grow. This is one of those confirmations that I’m on the right path based on the reaction of the crowd. I chose display this video to remind me of where I’ve came from, where I am presently, and the potential I have in public discourse.

Bachelors Degree

Media Comm Law

This legal brief made the portfolio because it adds to my diverse skills in research and briefing in business communications as it relates to law. I found a love for law through this class and it’s something I will continue to develop. I think that this instrument is a great tool to use when communicating with a client on how to apply the law or just to give information to brief the individual on how to use media to communicate lawfully.

Foundation of Communication

Communication in everyday life is important, whether it’s with your group, family, friends, or even your individual self. There is a foundation to communicating and a way to appropriately use language for receptive and expressive purposes. This project was a group project and I took the lead in project. I designed the product and I don’t have real confidence in my designing skills but it’s something I plan to continue to educate myself on so I can be better and self sufficient when it comes to producing my creative messages.

Creating Strategies in Advertising

I learned the difference between public relations, marketing, and advertising prior to this class; this was a growth moment for me where I was able to learn how to consult and deliver a creative brief that represents the ideas my group and I have to increase brand equity for GSU. I had the honor to pitch this idea to the marketing department and our idea didn’t win but it came close. I love the art of pitching and I look forward to professionally making this a standard service for my clients.

Group Communication Leadership

I’ve always had challenges working with a team. Not that I’m not a people person or I’m obnoxious but I work better alone and I feel I get more done but I know that life is built on relationships because you can’t always go at things alone. I was able to identify my leadership traits through this course and this project is a brain child of my independent scholarship. I was able to share with my peers and they added value to my charity cause for feeding the hood. This was a surreal moment to me and it showed me how I can build my network, help my peers gain experience in the Chicagoland area, and use my resourcefulness wisely.

Layout, Design, and Production 

I mentioned earlier that I do not have confidence readily available when it comes to designing but I learned from this course that if I overcome my free and be consistent in practice I can be great or even just good at it. It also sparked my love for publishing editorial works or just print materials. I have a goal to design and publish my first scholarly journal using my continued skill in information technology, which I’ve been building since Simeon High School. It was my major, now I just graduated from Microsoft to Adobe software.

Reporting and Editing

I love reporting and editing works. I have a goal to become the Editor in Chief of my own magazine, press team, and newspaper. It’s in the works at the moment. I needed this course so I can learn how to conform my reporting skills to be the equal quality of the associated press. I also discovered how I can make reporting lucrative and make money off journalism as a service. I love writing and this piece is motivational.

International Media Flow

I fell in love with this subject because I am a nerd when it comes to migration and understanding the movement or flow of humans. This increased my insight in media and how to make something tangible or intangible move.

Communication Research

Communication research is something I needed to learn in order to improve my scientific and logistic skills. It help me organize my thoughts, my literature reviews, how to design my research, and use theories in my works for decision making or even sharing information. As an Urban Professional it’s important to me to be able to translate information correctly and share how I got it. This Article Review is a symbol of that.

Communication Ethics

I think this was one of my favorite classes. I will specialize in law, ethics, and acts; I will master these three subjects and this was a foundation into communication ethics. I added this to my portfolio to display that I have a common knowledge in being ethical in communication. This inreases my value as a professional and a human because it makes a difference in the quality of life you choose for yourself.

Culture and Communication

This course changed my perspective on ethnicity and how to communicate across nationality borders. It gave me scholarship skills in observing, researching, and participating in other cultures using ethnography work, which I grew a love for because it feeds my interest in anthropology. I loved this assignment and I discovered things I didn’t know about the LGBTIA community including its relationship with the city of Chicago.

Communicating with Clients and Customers

I learned how to build powerful relationships in this course. This was my favorite assignment because it helped me solve internal issues with my team when giving philosophical ideas to improve our service. It also was a call that reminded me that there is always a way to solve a problem through research, communication, and that there is nothing new under the sun. Learn from those who have already proven that something works and why.

Click here to view my Degree Audit.

Honest Assessment of Education at Governors State University

While at Governors State University, some of my needs were met and some weren’t. I was able to strengthen my research skills for better application of theories and developing cultural activities. I am a great public speaker and I learned to advance my skills, and write manuscripts which was a plus. I learned that I am a great communicator overall and that is one of my biggest strengths even though my communication is flawed. My skills were honed at GSU through my introduction to my core and foundation courses because the abstract knowledge helps me consult on projects and apply communication theories appropriately, which increases the quality of service I offer.

My weakness is understanding the standard process of consulting or creating a advertising and public relations program because my classes weren’t properly stacked or I didn’t have the proper advisory counsel. I felt like I had no consistent or true academic support and was left to figure out majority on my own. I guess that’s part of strategic communication. As an independent scholar, I will review all my materials from my core classes to figure it out, so I greatly appreciate the abstract knowledge but I wish that I could have received more hands on lessons rather than so much abstract without the following of application for experience. Nonetheless is was a great learning experience and I look forward to getting back in the field officially. I am ready to apply all that I learned and develop my practice.

Your Urban Professional and Scholar; GSU Jaguar: and OH Panther

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