Feed the Hood Project and Program

I’m excited to be sharing our (partners and I) new endeavor in civic engagement. We’re on a mission to Feed the Hood with high values and vision. Our goal isn’t to only feed the hood food but knowledge too! We want to be able to educate individuals in a variety of situations on what resources are available and help them connect to improve their life.

I know, I know! This sounds like a lot of work for some South Siders from the city of Chicago but through faith we see our services giving back throughout the diaspora as a great way to motivate and speak life.

We donated some food today from one of our sponsors to Teen Living Program and Fathers and Blessings (FAB). In the past we’ve donated to Chicago Police Department on 51st and Wentworth; and 71st Cottage Grove to feed the homeless. This Saturday, we’re going to be going out again with additional partners/volunteers from Governors State University (GSU).  I’m really happy to be doing something to uplift humanity even if its small, with some of my peers.

Group Communication Leadership Volunteer Recap 

Feed the Hood Civic Service Project Summary

We have some big announcements coming soon on the development for our Feed the Hood Project for the youth! Follow me on snapchat @billiedakidd.

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