GSU Scholarship Foundation for Urban Culture and Affairs: My Portfolio

 The Come Up 

This journey that I’m embarking on is going to help me get through my next 5 years in college. My goal is to build Urban Culture and Affairs, while redefining how black culture (urban culture) is valued. I want to take us to the next level and lead us to take control of our own culture and affairs.

Got my start in Communications from being a Broadcaster, hosting industry mixers for major record labels and concerts

Career Goals

Putting in work acting as a Creative Director for a Prom Shoot


I will build my own media empire and disseminate urban culture. I am going to continue to develop urban affairs via communication. I am going to contribute my skills and talent to creating policies, establish a commonwealth in my community, develop socioeconomics, business, and performing research for my culture.  Being an Entrepreneur I don’t see myself working for anyone, so I have to use every opportunity that is available for me to do so. My goal is to take on plenty of work that needs to be done, and do it; and position myself where I don’t have to work with or for others any more than necessary. Well at least for the next 2-3 years that’s a short term career goal I’m working on.

Click here to watch an interview,

Out on the town doing press at the Global Mixx Music and Film Forum

Academic Goals

Graduation from Illinois Center for Broadcasting Class of 2014

As a scholar, my vision is to use my independent practice to fill requirements for my research projects for the courses I take. This will help me get experience, feedback, and the foundation I need to develop myself as an expert. It will also help me get started now versus waiting until I graduate to do so. I am interested in independently creating my own internship but gaining some paid internships to develop any interested skills or hobbies.

Study Concentration

Humanities;Communications; Advertising and Public Relations; Global Media and Information Flow 

Estimated Graduation: Spring 2019 

Completed Courses

  1. F2-900 Art Appreciation
  2.  Business Communications (More)
  3. Child Development
  4. Human Psychology & Development
  5. SOC-2100 Contemporary Social Issues
  6. C1-900 English 101
  7. C1-901 English 102
  8. BIOL-1200 Environmental Biology
  9. ACCT-2110 Financial Accounting
  10. Hip Hop, Culture and Politics
  11. MIS-2101 Information Technology
  12. BLAW-2100 Legal and Social Environment of Business
  13. HL-990 Mandarin Foreign Language
  14. PHYS-1111 Physical Science Foundation
  15. PHYS-1112 Physical Science Foundation Lab
  16. ECON-2302 Principles of Macroeconomics
  17. MATH-2137 Foundations of Mathematics
  18. PHIL-3101 Philosophy
  19. Public Speaking


Study Plan

  1. MCOM-4512 Mass Media Law Fall 2017
  2. COMS-3099 Junior Seminar Fall 2017
  3. COMS-2100 Foundation of Communication  Fall 2017
  4. MCOM-4379 Creating Strategies in Advertising Fall 2017
  5.  MCOM-2361 Introduction into Advertising   Fall 2017
  6. COMS-3160 Advanced Public Speaking Spring 2018
  7. COMS-3160-01 Conflict Management  Fall 2018
  8. COMS-4425-01 Group Communication Leadership Spring 2018
  9. COMS-4900 Senior Seminar Spring 2019
  10. MCOM-3725 Layout, Design, and Production Spring 2018
  11. MCOM-4230 Reporting and Editing Spring 2018
  12. MST-3412 International Media Flow Spring 2018
  13. MCOM-4361 Advertising and Society Fall 2018
  14. MCOM-4451 Public Relations and Society Fall 2018 
  15. COMS – 4720 Communication and Identity Fall 2018
  16. COMS – 4452 Communicating with Clients and Customers Fall 2018

Click here to view my resume and here’s The Story of BK. This gives you a glimpse of  the road I’ve traveled to get where I am in my career and academic goals. My resume reflects what I have accomplished up to date, while my story reveals to you how consistent, determined, and passionate I am to accomplish my goals. I’m a go-getter.

BK Host
I went from hosting and assisting in planning events to producing events. I was cooling while one of the artist blessed the stage.
Rich Dollaz’s, from Love and Hip Hop New York,  model casting in Chicago
Just finished hosting the Spring Dance-a-thon concert  for the youth
With my co-host L Boogie, hosting my first concert ever for K. Michelle in 2012. She is an American R&B singer.

Media Reel

I am a published writer, too. I have been independently writing and publishing since 2014. In 6th grade I was on the newspaper team, The Gresham Griots. I always had a love for literature. My works have been featured in South Shore Current, South Side Weekly, TBT News Service, Chicago Street Journal and The Phoenix. I have hosted broadcasts on Windy City Underground (WCUG), and Chicago Land Sports Radio.










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