The ‘Illinois’ Dreadhead Cowboy Arrested in Chicago After Protesting ALL KIDS LIVES MATTER

CHICAGO- Adam Hollingsworth, 33, rode the Dan Ryan Expressway to bring awareness to the slaying of our children, heading southbound from about 35th Street, where he slowed down traffic with the Illinois State Police and Chicago Police close behind asking him and the gang to exit but they refused, eventually exiting at 95th where he was taken into custody around 4:30 PM by police, as reported by WGN News.

They’re calling for the mayor and governor to fund mental health, education, social programs and new development in neighborhoods that have been neglected, and are being gentrified.

“The thing is to send a message that our children are dying, That there are no resources coming to our communities.”

Activist Mark Carter

According to journalist Vashon, Dreadhead Cowboy lead his horse Nunu 7.5 miles down the expressway before being arrested. Ironically his horse is named after one of the children shot and killed this summer, Vernado “NuNu” Jones Jr., whom we are still seeking justice for. He’s facing three (3) charges: reckless conduct, disobeying a police officer and criminal trespass.

Captured from Mark Carter

State police said another man, Darron Luster, 55, attempted to gain control of the horse after Hollingsworth was arrested. Luster was charged with obstructing and resisting arrest.

Sean Lewis, Jenna Barnes, Glenn Marshall via WGN

NuNu had multiple injuries from the trip. He was allegedly “bleeding from the left hoof, its right hoof was injured and the right side of the horse’s body had sores from the saddle.” Chicago Animal Control was called to the scene and took the animal to their facility for further care.

Adam is no stranger of being an honorable active citizen in the hood or neighborhoods across Chicago. He’s always stood loud ringing the alarm so the deaf can open their mind to the rate of how our children are being taken away from us. ALL CHILDREN life does matter; the killings of children in Chicago, the kidnapping , and human trafficking of our children must be front and center so it can be stopped.

“Earlier this summer, Mayor Lightfoot dubbed Hollingsworth “The Census Cowboy” in an effort to bring awareness around filing out the census (WGN).”

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When You Have Heroes as Friends: @SaintTheGoodBoy & Jesse James Saves the Day

Friday, September 7, 2018 King James (Jesse Stringer) and Saint “The Good Boy” (Lennell Davis) was looking for a party during after hours when they approached 79th Phillips and seen a building on fire.

I was told by a source that The Chicago Fire Department was on location and did not immediately respond to the fire. That’s what sparked both guys to go into the building on a rescue mission. Source reported that Jesse asked the Fire Fighters what were they waiting on to go into the building and one of the Fire Fighters responded by allegedly telling him to “go ahead and go in”.

I received a call from Saint shortly after they finished the rescue. For more information on the story, click link here, to get CBS2 Chicago’s account. They awkwardly produced their story deliberately stating that the The Chicago Fire Department’s Fire Fighters immediately responded, when I was told by a source, who was present, that they did not.

Nonetheless, it’s great to know that I have great friends/humans around who will sacrifice to ensure the well being of others. They could have kept riding and assumed that because the Chicago Fire Department was present they would take care of it. This is a good example of leadership and being an active citizen.

Cultural Comparison

Cultures are dynamic,and we cannot understand a relationship by only looking at two individuals’motivation, action, and behaviors (Flores, Martin, Nakayama).

Martin, J. N.,Nakayama, T. K., & Flores, L. A. (2008). Thinking about intercultural communication: dialectical approach to intercultural communication. In Readings in intercultural communication: Experiences and contexts (pp. 3-12). Princeton,NJ: Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic.

Mexican Culture and Chinese Culture

I visited a few cultural spaces this semester, and I was able to observe natural sociocultural in these spaces. I’m going to compare and contrast  two cultural spaces and time by music, foods, language, what I observed them do to past time, family, arts and craft.

Cultural Celebrations and Beyond

Mexican Culture

Cultural Artifact from tour 

When it comes to Mexican cuisine, it seems to always be filled with spices, especially hot spices for some Mexicans who hold true to their “roots”. Even some of their candy is spicy. While at the restaurant in Little Village, the cashier explained to me how spicy the Mexican hot chocolate was. She explained to me that the chili powder added is what makes it spicy. To my surprise, it was really good and fulfilling. It had a tingling spice to it, kind of like mint when fresh.

Mexican Spices
main spices 
Image result for what's in mexican hot chocolate
Mexican choices of fruits 

Their popular sauces are moles, which I learned is also a traditional base, it’s also referred to as mole poblano. According to the Mexican Food Journal, the popular Mexican salsa recipes are:

Tamales are another popular food of Mexican culture, along with tacos, enchiladas, their fresh tortillas chips and tostadas.

Mexican hot sauces 

 Mexican Day Parade, took place on September 9th this year. 

“The Mexican Day of Independence from Spain is September 16 (not May 5) (Gonzales & Rivera, pg. 165).” It’s assumed that Mexicans celebrate independence on Cinco De Miyo, which is May 5.

González, A., Chen, Y., &Willis-Rivera, J. (2016). Hispanic heritage month: not for members only.In Ourvoices: Essays in culture, ethnicity, and communication (6th ed.,pp. 165-173). New York, NY: Oxford University Press.

Family is very important to the Mexican culture. It’s a main focal point of their life.  They’re interdependent of their members across generations (González, A., Chen, Y., &Willis-Rivera, J., 2016).

Touch, affection, and greeting rituals are means of affirmation. In the Mexican American family, the formality given to greeting rituals is intended to keep both familiarity and distance.

González, A., Chen, Y., &Willis-Rivera, J. (2016). The rhetoric of la familia  among Mexican Americans. In Our voices: Essays in culture, ethnicity, and communication (6th ed.,pp. 165-173). New York, NY: Oxford University Press.

In spite of social and historical differences, there is a sense of cultural commonality among the societies of Central and South America, Mexico, and the Caribbean. The latter can be seen in aspects of social life as diverse as literature, music, television, political rhetoric, and oral storytelling.

González, A., Chen, Y., &Willis-Rivera, J. (2016). The cultural experience of space and body: a reading of  Latin America and Anglo-American comportment in public. In Ourvoices: Essays in culture, ethnicity, and communication (6th ed.,pp. 165-173). New York, NY: Oxford University Press.

While I was walking through the community, I noticed most families were with multiple family members. Some sets were made up of a daughter, grandmother or older aunt. It was a son and mother couple at the street food cart, they were purchasing fruit with cayenne pepper sprinkled on top. They were standing in close proximity of one another. The mother at one point leaned over to communicate with him. bending over speaking very close in his face. She didn’t seem upset but it was a personal relational act.

I spoke to everyone, and they were distant but they spoke and went right back to their task. I noticed churches that resembled roman catholic religions. I listened to them speak in Spanish and coming out of one of the retail store where there were cowboy boots being sold, was Spanish music. They were selling figurines of Elmo, Winnie the Pooh, and other American characters favorable to children.  This expressed their Mexican American transnational culture.

La Famila Among Mexican Americans
BK (I), in front of the Little Village Arch 

Chinese Culture

Chinese Lunar New Year 2018 started February 16, 2018. They had a Chinese Lunar New Year Dinner on February 20th  and a parade  on February 25th of 2018(Chicago Chinatown Chamber of Commerce).

While strolling through, I didn’t notice any street food carts or people vending on the streets, as I did in Little Village. Most merchants had storefronts where they sold their miscellaneous products such as vases, oriental glass items in the shape of pigs, cats, elephants, and china women.

According to China Highlights, the most popular dishes you should want to try is in Chinese Cuisine:

  • Sweet and Sour Pork
  • Kung Pao Chicken
  • Ma Po Tofu
  • Wontons
  • Dumplings
  • Chow Mein
  • Peking Roasted Duck
  • Spring Rolls

Cantonese cuisine is very popular in Chinatown. I spotted over 10 Cantonese restaurants.

spring rolls
Spring rolls 
Image result for Chinese Spices and herbs
Chinese herbs and spices 
Let’s talk family, values, and acts.
Mandarin Character that represents “family”

Chinese ethical values are based on how man should live life. They highly value their traditional and national value.In my video you can see a purple sign that reads K-Pop, the east side of Wentworth. If you didn’t know what street that was, now you do. So go check out some K-pop in Chinatown. K-Pop has been flowing, and is proof that Chinese are proud of Asian culture.

Chinese sell and use a lot of herbs. When I visited the stores, majority of them including the restaurants sold green tea and ginger root.  Arcana, the store I purchased sprilulina and ginseng from, was stocked with raw, dried, and liquid herbs. All products were in mandarin language with slight translations in English, except the lottery sign. Inside the store it was a small group. They seemed like family; it was two middle-aged Chinese women, two little girls, and a little boy. The two women were talking and looking at a product, while one of them were holding it for review.

My partner and I dined at a Cantonese restaurant called Emperors Choice. We ordered crispy green beans vegetables with mushroom and garlic sauce, spring rolls, egg rolls, and hot sake. Sake is a Japanese but it’s popular in Chinese culture, as it was available at the Cantonese restaurant as a beverage choice.  The food was filled with authentic Asian spices. They served us hot tea, which is a Chinese known drink, herbal green tea.

Sake being served warm in traditional canister 
Sake chilled 

I reflected culture while being still, I realized that they dine with family to past time. Definitely not the only way but seemingly one of them. It was a big group of about 10-13 members, the eldest member being a grandmother. The youngest was a baby between the ages of 1-3 years old. They were in a tight group in close proximity with one another.

What do both cultures have in common?

They share the same perspective values in their human kind.  Family is important to them, business, historical and ideological culture too. They came to Chicago and made it home, through local renaissance movement, flowing their roots wherever they migrate to. They create expressions that reflect their ethnic, social, and culture values. Never losing what makes them special in this “race” of human communication, sharing elements.

The obvious differences.

They share English language and have different traditional languages; Mexican Americans speaking Spanish, and the Chinese Americans speaking mandarin. This automatically gives them their own space for authentic cultural differences in music.


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#BTS of @TarhondaJay & @JohnBlu “Roll All Dat” Short Musical Film Directed by @WillGates #ChicagoMusic



September 1, 2018

I was invited to hang w/ Tarhonda on set, at which turned out to be a 90’s House Party. Appearances were made by: Chella H, Shawnna, John Blu, Sean Dale, Cold Heart of Crucial Conflict; and a gang of Auburn Gresham and Simeon kids (you know it was more than just us there lol). It was a great party and video shoot, and everyone was beautiful with dope vibes. It’s always good to be around good people.

Here’s an edited short clip of the behind the scenes,works by Wilfred Spears of Open World Films.

More behind the scenes

Full Video Released and Published September 26, 2018

My clips 😊 of BTS

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From Civil Rights to Human Rights 💯

Letter From DR ANSARI: Office of the Dean-American Institute of Human Rights

October 20, 2018


We are for real, for real.

Why? Because you/we live in racial colonies and have lived in a racial colony since the colonialist defeated our people in a racial war. Why? Because you do not have any worthy leaders who have a PLAN to dismantle the colonial grip that America has on us and our families. Voting for the “Lesser of the two evils” only means that you have voted for EVIL because you have not figured out how to DECOLONIZE. Why most of you do not know that you live in colonies because you call them Ghetto’s. Most of you never heard of BANDUNG because the White man does not want you to know HOW TO DECOLONIZE.

Mid-terms are important because of the aggressiveness of the racist but a LONG-TERM SOLUTION is the best plan. WE HAVE A LONG TERM SOLUTION FOR SELF-GOVERNMENT THAT WILL GIVE US BILLIONS OF DOLLARS TO FIX OUR MESS.

The Civil rights people cannot help you, Your Minister or Pastor cannot help you because THEY DONT KNOW HOW.

You have been lied to and sold out by your sub-leaders. I said sub-leaders because they are sub-ordinate to a WHITE RACIST POLITICAL COLONY. A Black Democrat or a Black Republican is a WHITE NATIONALIST. They are patriotic to an idiotic degree. We must do for self. How can we be patriotic to a nation that has designed legislation, courts, police and a system that kills us, imprisons us, gentrifies us, and ridicules us?

You are the victim of the Black sub-leaders who does not know how to deal with the White racial identity politicians that are programmed to keep you COLONIZED.

You want freedom? You have to break out of the Colony.

You want a better education for your Children? You have to break out of the Colony.


We invite you to a CONFERENCE OF THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. We are going to teach you about HOW TO DECOLONIZE.

Come and listen to the Human Rights approach for the 21st Century tomorrow Sunday October 21, 2018 at 1:00 P.M EST and Sunday October 28th, 2018 at the same time.

Recap of Human Rights Webinar




“They” Say Procrastination Kills but Does it Really 🤔 💭

Procrastination can sneak up at the wrong time, and sometimes, at the right time. It can help you avoid something’s or give extra time to make better decisions; or worse ones.

I was inspired to write this because my Mother told me that I had been “procrastinating” lately, and I agreed with her perspective. After thinking about what she said and going inside of my self to see how it aligned, I learned; I am calculating my steps more in the private and public sphere.

Personal perspective of 💩

I don’t know 🤷🏾‍♀️ what the fuck it is 😂. I ain’t gone lie, I don’t even think it’s procrastination, it’s like a procreation of something else in theory. I think I’m slowing down and following my intuition more.


Taking the time to evaluate the situations I want to be in and experience; seeing if they are congruent with my mission and vision.

I believe that I will not get caught in a jam, if I do. Studying Communication and analyzing everyday life has been a little too damn much at the moment.

I’m literally applying everything as I’m typing (and you’re reading) this. Educational institutions and the workforce overloads us with information including our environment with less opportunities to experience the things they teach/share.

I need more action to happen, people creating more opportunities for themselves (independently or an organization), because all this “talk” the institutions are spreading into flows, is a hoax.

So, I am relaxing and regrouping self because it’s easy to get lost out here. Especially, subsidizing someone’s dream instead of building your own.

With that being said, I’m picky. I see my vision “clearly”. I learned that nothing is instant but everything is calculated.


But I searched procrastination kills, check out what comes up. Might want to take heed to it.

I wrote this shit from my phone too. That’s how pressed I was 😂