Urban Social Responsibility in Commerce with @ChiTownShake & @TyMoneySBMG

Social commerce is Urban Culture’s leading stock. I support this message, not just the artist he’s supporting but the entire message to help increase the equity in Chicago’s market. We’re the 3rd largest market competing with Houston for a slot we’ve had undeniably long.

Snatched from Wikipedia (not an official source but it’s good enough for you to get the picture)

Chicago creatives and entrepreneurs should stick together more to help our market become not only navigated by us but owned by us based on our buys and/or interest.

Screenshot Capture from Shake IG

Many enthusiasts have come from near and far places to be influenced by our culture. There are many businesses, opportunities, talent, and resources in the city of Chicago. We just have to put in our bid and own our social commerce.

Stream on all platforms. Search Ty Money.

290 Threw a Party (That BITCH Was Bussing) 🎉 and it was not 94 or 63rd !

Well TMZ has done it again, lying 🤥 saying it was a 1,000 people at a house party. The party was shared live by Tink Purcell, who confirmed via one of her videos that they “were out west being ratchet”, which was the one thing TMZ did report correctly. This was definitely a Komak production.

Actual flyer for the party.

WGN reported at 11:50 am that a viral party was out south, that was a lie. They updated their story at 1:07 PM to reflect the facts. Which is a shame because they are actually located in the local area and should have access to the information to state facts. What do you think was their purpose for creating this narrative?

This is a screenshot from my saved media press stories via Facebook.

I mean out west throw more successful house parties then out south and their parties are most likely to last without drama because everyone knows everyone and they have a certain level of respect for one another. Let’s just use the Fefe’s as an example because ain’t no fefe happening out south.

If this was out south, it wouldn’t have probably made it until the police came, the police would have had to be summoned due to drama.


The first story run from WGN.
Tink wishing her beloved one a happy birthday.

What Should We Take Away From This and How Can We Move Forward?

People are suffering from mental and behavior issues. They are trying their best to cope with being indoors and restricted. It’s hard and not everyone can do it especially if they don’t have their purpose figured out.

This was irresponsible of them all but we are not in the position to judge 👩🏾‍⚖️ them, we can educate ourselves as a community (speaking to “Black or Minority” Americans) on how this effects/affects us socially and economically. It makes us look 👀 a little crazy and that we have a lack of social skills for responsibility.

Those who have children, elders, or people in their life with preexisting conditions should care to be mindful of others. Your love ❤️ ones matter. You matter and I hope you know that. I wish for them to do some research on this matter outside of the news to accept the real information that we are being targeted for depopulation, so this is a serious matter for building immunity to the Rona aka coronavirus bka Covid 19.

@KanyeWest Out Here Checking @Forbes , for his Billionaire Accomplishment

Ye is really from a “tribe called check a hoe”, that is Chicago. Two of hip hop’s first billionaire artist are from New York and Chicago. What a wonderful time to be alive.

According to Forbes, Ye is worth 1.3 Billion United States 🇺🇸 Dollars 💵 but according to Ye, since he claims they can’t count, he’s worth 3.3 Billion. Allegedly Kanye reached out to Forbes after they published their annual billionaires list, according to Shade Room, because they didn’t put him on it.

He texted a staff member saying “You know what you’re doing”, adding to the conversation, “You’re toying with me and I’m not finna lye [sic] down and take it anymore in Jesus name”

“Forbes journalist Zack O’Malley Greenburg explained that when the magazine featured West on the cover of the magazine last year, they didn’t label him a billionaire.”, according to CNN.

In conclusion, it seems that he was undervalued if they didn’t label him a billionaire and he had to come forward with the receipts 🧾 to receive credit for his claim. Regardless, Ye is a Billionaire, that’s facts, and he wants the world 🌎 to know.

Chicago’s Legend in Making @FBG_DUCK Has Self-Confessed Chicago’s Legends

FBG Duck, a Chicago Musical Illustrator, published a video recorded by Money Strong TV on his channel two days ago on Dec. 7, 2019; and with the apparent loss of legends from the City of Chicago, who are without a doubt gone too soon because of various tragic situations; he proclaims their affects in and on culture. In his illustrated story he mentions Jojo, Pappy, Zack TV, Lil Marc, Dooski, Nuski, Fredo Santana, LA Capone, Lil Mister, and Smylez. With the current loss of another great Chicago Legend Juice Wrld; and Famous Dex being recently hospitalized to recover from seizures, there is no concrete word if he has been released, there is much to be concerned about.

The murder and drug epidemic of Chicago has depreciated the circulation of producers in culture from the city, putting the ideas out there to be mocked by upcoming or lurking seasoned artist to develop from other markets. Every artist mentioned has a different level of success, impact, trade, and skill that contributed to the identity of who Chicago is in the urban culture world. A legend is someone who creates or develops a traditional story, who taps into their genius, and sculps a path for others to follow or to observe only to be influenced by their impact. No matter how well known the legend is globally, it can be very well known in pockets or wide areas to be proclaimed a legend.

Watch FBG Duck Declare Chicago Legends.

Subscribe to FBG Duck’s channel for more content.

This brings attention to the social issues that we need to solve in Chicago, and beyond, that deal ultimately with poverty, civic engagement, health, and the brotherhood of humanity. His piece of art pushes towards conversations that need to be had to better our community and restore unity between the gangs or just those who are conflicted and need to heal in order to let go of past conflicts or traumas. In the words of FBG Duck, “just to show yourself a better you”, is worth the participation in helping leaders like him carry messages like this far and wide in the diaspora to help appreciate the progress made in the culture.

I’d like to send love and light to all of the families of our lost and slain ones, even those we lost to non violent tragic situations because we are all still suffering from a bigger issue. Our health, wealth, and our mind state suffers or take constant hits (Urban Dark Hue Beings) because we are in a constant state of oppression while walking dead. We must prescribe a remedy to our ignorance, discipline ourselves, and love one another because the world is depending on it. We are depending on it. You existence is dependent on it.

We don’t die we multiply, so rest peacefully Juice Wrld , Jojo, Pappy, Zack TV, Lil Marc, Dooski, Nuski, Fredo Santana, LA Capone, Lil Mister, and Smylez . We love and wish you all where still among us but we will continue to push y(our) energy, that will never be destroyed, into the world with love.

Paper Chasin Tour with @ChicagoExecutives & @BlueCheezGang

Lomabard, IL-Paper Chasin Tour presented by Chicago Executives in cooperation with TellyVizion & Dollar 4 Dollar Ent, started in Chicago providing connections to indie artist to help foster professional connections and brand equity through performance and press. Hosted by Bree Specfic from Power 92 Chicago & Maine Hodge with DJ Slugo on the sounds. Event Coverage by the one and only Blue Cheez Gang, and a host of others.

Follow Blue Cheez Gang and watch more videos from our channel. Video Premieres at 7 P.M.

Our goal is to develop and prepare talented artist for management while providing resources to be successful in the industry”

Chicago Executives

Mapping Global Media and Contra-Flow: Discussion

What is the global media landscape? How has it evolved over the past decades? What role has UNESCO played in the shaping of the global media landscape?

The global media landscape is the digital technology and aesthetics of the flow of media. It has evolved over the last decade by allowing the global and contra-flow of media to flow in different directions (export and import). This allows those who didn’t have access to other nations or target audience to expand their base or reach a larger audience. The UNESCO role, which is the mediator, has shaped the global media landscape. It helps to report information to the key players involved providing them with education for a better understanding of culture scientifically. I think that this allows all parties involved to make better decisions when it comes to the trading of communication and media commodities.

Who are the major media players (companies and countries)? What is meant by ‘subaltern’ contra-flows? Are these anti-hegemonic or pro-American? Why?

The major media players in terms of countries is United States, Europe, and Asia. The major media company players are CNN (US), ESPN (US),  Disney (US), Discovery (US), Hollywood (US), Google (US), BBC (Europe), CNBC (US), Wall Street Journal (US), Japanese Animation (Japan), etc.( Thussu, 12).

What is meant by “subaltern Contra-flows”, is an sub-alternate flow that flows culture from one place to another by a constituent from another region (Thussu,11-13) . For example, there are two  types of Contra-Flows: Transnational and Geo Cultural  (Thussu,12) . Transnational is a subaltern flow that consist of multi-vocal, multimedia, and multi-directional flows (Thussu,11-13).

According to the text, Thussu states that global media traffic isn’t just one way, even with the US at core. I think that this shows that the subaltern flows is anti-hegemonic even though they may be hybridized (Thussu,18-21). The goals of these subaltern flows is to create a flow that counters the dominant flows, giving the world audience a different perspective of culture and creativity (Thussu, 10-13).

I do not own the copyrights to this image
I do not own the copyrights to the image

The Unbothered Scholar: New and Improved After Spring Break

Welcome to a Traptastic Sunday! I’m back at…. sorry you I missed you these pass three Fridays but I had to take sometime out for self preservation. You know how it go, but nonetheless we are getting better together.

The Unbothered Scholar Pod

I appreciate you for being patient and authentically participating in my media flow.

“Black” Group Therapy with the Squad *Update (3 New Episodes)

Chicago– Tuesday, January 22, I had the pleasure of sitting down with my peers to converse about social issues that are centered to the culture. Our culture. I came in late but I was happy to slide in and contribute to the conversation.

I’ll be back soon with everyone’s name and social media info, one day! Enjoy and feel free to share your comments, and share! Don’t forget to subscribe and check out the current episodes below! I’m in Episode 3 too.

Welcome to Black Group Therapy

Episode 1

Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4

Cultural Comparison

Cultures are dynamic,and we cannot understand a relationship by only looking at two individuals’motivation, action, and behaviors (Flores, Martin, Nakayama).

Martin, J. N.,Nakayama, T. K., & Flores, L. A. (2008). Thinking about intercultural communication: dialectical approach to intercultural communication. In Readings in intercultural communication: Experiences and contexts (pp. 3-12). Princeton,NJ: Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic.

Mexican Culture and Chinese Culture

I visited a few cultural spaces this semester, and I was able to observe natural sociocultural in these spaces. I’m going to compare and contrast  two cultural spaces and time by music, foods, language, what I observed them do to past time, family, arts and craft.

Cultural Celebrations and Beyond

Mexican Culture

Cultural Artifact from tour 

When it comes to Mexican cuisine, it seems to always be filled with spices, especially hot spices for some Mexicans who hold true to their “roots”. Even some of their candy is spicy. While at the restaurant in Little Village, the cashier explained to me how spicy the Mexican hot chocolate was. She explained to me that the chili powder added is what makes it spicy. To my surprise, it was really good and fulfilling. It had a tingling spice to it, kind of like mint when fresh.

Mexican Spices
main spices 
Image result for what's in mexican hot chocolate
Mexican choices of fruits 

Their popular sauces are moles, which I learned is also a traditional base, it’s also referred to as mole poblano. According to the Mexican Food Journal, the popular Mexican salsa recipes are:

Tamales are another popular food of Mexican culture, along with tacos, enchiladas, their fresh tortillas chips and tostadas.

Mexican hot sauces 

 Mexican Day Parade, took place on September 9th this year. 

“The Mexican Day of Independence from Spain is September 16 (not May 5) (Gonzales & Rivera, pg. 165).” It’s assumed that Mexicans celebrate independence on Cinco De Miyo, which is May 5.

González, A., Chen, Y., &Willis-Rivera, J. (2016). Hispanic heritage month: not for members only.In Ourvoices: Essays in culture, ethnicity, and communication (6th ed.,pp. 165-173). New York, NY: Oxford University Press.

Family is very important to the Mexican culture. It’s a main focal point of their life.  They’re interdependent of their members across generations (González, A., Chen, Y., &Willis-Rivera, J., 2016).

Touch, affection, and greeting rituals are means of affirmation. In the Mexican American family, the formality given to greeting rituals is intended to keep both familiarity and distance.

González, A., Chen, Y., &Willis-Rivera, J. (2016). The rhetoric of la familia  among Mexican Americans. In Our voices: Essays in culture, ethnicity, and communication (6th ed.,pp. 165-173). New York, NY: Oxford University Press.

In spite of social and historical differences, there is a sense of cultural commonality among the societies of Central and South America, Mexico, and the Caribbean. The latter can be seen in aspects of social life as diverse as literature, music, television, political rhetoric, and oral storytelling.

González, A., Chen, Y., &Willis-Rivera, J. (2016). The cultural experience of space and body: a reading of  Latin America and Anglo-American comportment in public. In Ourvoices: Essays in culture, ethnicity, and communication (6th ed.,pp. 165-173). New York, NY: Oxford University Press.

While I was walking through the community, I noticed most families were with multiple family members. Some sets were made up of a daughter, grandmother or older aunt. It was a son and mother couple at the street food cart, they were purchasing fruit with cayenne pepper sprinkled on top. They were standing in close proximity of one another. The mother at one point leaned over to communicate with him. bending over speaking very close in his face. She didn’t seem upset but it was a personal relational act.

I spoke to everyone, and they were distant but they spoke and went right back to their task. I noticed churches that resembled roman catholic religions. I listened to them speak in Spanish and coming out of one of the retail store where there were cowboy boots being sold, was Spanish music. They were selling figurines of Elmo, Winnie the Pooh, and other American characters favorable to children.  This expressed their Mexican American transnational culture.

La Famila Among Mexican Americans
BK (I), in front of the Little Village Arch 

Chinese Culture

Chinese Lunar New Year 2018 started February 16, 2018. They had a Chinese Lunar New Year Dinner on February 20th  and a parade  on February 25th of 2018(Chicago Chinatown Chamber of Commerce).

While strolling through, I didn’t notice any street food carts or people vending on the streets, as I did in Little Village. Most merchants had storefronts where they sold their miscellaneous products such as vases, oriental glass items in the shape of pigs, cats, elephants, and china women.

According to China Highlights, the most popular dishes you should want to try is in Chinese Cuisine:

  • Sweet and Sour Pork
  • Kung Pao Chicken
  • Ma Po Tofu
  • Wontons
  • Dumplings
  • Chow Mein
  • Peking Roasted Duck
  • Spring Rolls

Cantonese cuisine is very popular in Chinatown. I spotted over 10 Cantonese restaurants.

spring rolls
Spring rolls 
Image result for Chinese Spices and herbs
Chinese herbs and spices 
Let’s talk family, values, and acts.
Mandarin Character that represents “family”

Chinese ethical values are based on how man should live life. They highly value their traditional and national value.In my video you can see a purple sign that reads K-Pop, the east side of Wentworth. If you didn’t know what street that was, now you do. So go check out some K-pop in Chinatown. K-Pop has been flowing, and is proof that Chinese are proud of Asian culture.

Chinese sell and use a lot of herbs. When I visited the stores, majority of them including the restaurants sold green tea and ginger root.  Arcana, the store I purchased sprilulina and ginseng from, was stocked with raw, dried, and liquid herbs. All products were in mandarin language with slight translations in English, except the lottery sign. Inside the store it was a small group. They seemed like family; it was two middle-aged Chinese women, two little girls, and a little boy. The two women were talking and looking at a product, while one of them were holding it for review.

My partner and I dined at a Cantonese restaurant called Emperors Choice. We ordered crispy green beans vegetables with mushroom and garlic sauce, spring rolls, egg rolls, and hot sake. Sake is a Japanese but it’s popular in Chinese culture, as it was available at the Cantonese restaurant as a beverage choice.  The food was filled with authentic Asian spices. They served us hot tea, which is a Chinese known drink, herbal green tea.

Sake being served warm in traditional canister 
Sake chilled 

I reflected culture while being still, I realized that they dine with family to past time. Definitely not the only way but seemingly one of them. It was a big group of about 10-13 members, the eldest member being a grandmother. The youngest was a baby between the ages of 1-3 years old. They were in a tight group in close proximity with one another.

What do both cultures have in common?

They share the same perspective values in their human kind.  Family is important to them, business, historical and ideological culture too. They came to Chicago and made it home, through local renaissance movement, flowing their roots wherever they migrate to. They create expressions that reflect their ethnic, social, and culture values. Never losing what makes them special in this “race” of human communication, sharing elements.

The obvious differences.

They share English language and have different traditional languages; Mexican Americans speaking Spanish, and the Chinese Americans speaking mandarin. This automatically gives them their own space for authentic cultural differences in music.


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https://www.thegreatcoursesdaily.com/spice-up-your-meals-with-the-mexican-flavors/. (2018, April 5). Retrieved from https://www.thegreatcoursesdaily.com/spice-up-your-meals-with-the-mexican-flavors/

@DJNEPHETS is a Hometown Hero, check out his latest social mission.

I need everyone who reads this post to share it in support of Dj Nehpets.

He’s campaigning to bring awareness to Jukivist in Chicago and we need your help.

Jukivist is a state of mind. It’s an attitude towards life and how you respond to external situations, plus a lifestyle to live by to create harmony in the community.

We all understand that as people we can be tribal and find people who are like us.

Basically he’s saying that we all are one mind that think and move in love. And that’s what Jukivisim or Jukivist is about. Moving and speaking in love together.

Join DJ Nephets as he helps others create the change in our city by joining your great mind and spirit to build and grow together in harmony, the jukivist way!!