When You Have Heroes as Friends: @SaintTheGoodBoy & Jesse James Saves the Day

Friday, September 7, 2018 King James (Jesse Stringer) and Saint “The Good Boy” (Lennell Davis) was looking for a party during after hours when they approached 79th Phillips and seen a building on fire.

I was told by a source that The Chicago Fire Department was on location and did not immediately respond to the fire. That’s what sparked both guys to go into the building on a rescue mission. Source reported that Jesse asked the Fire Fighters what were they waiting on to go into the building and one of the Fire Fighters responded by allegedly telling him to “go ahead and go in”.

I received a call from Saint shortly after they finished the rescue. For more information on the story, click link here, to get CBS2 Chicago’s account. They awkwardly produced their story deliberately stating that the The Chicago Fire Department’s Fire Fighters immediately responded, when I was told by a source, who was present, that they did not.

Nonetheless, it’s great to know that I have great friends/humans around who will sacrifice to ensure the well being of others. They could have kept riding and assumed that because the Chicago Fire Department was present they would take care of it. This is a good example of leadership and being an active citizen.

Lecture You Need to Watch: Dr. Barbara Sizemore’s “Black People Still Don’t Get It”

Credit: TransAtlantic Productions

Barbara Sizemore was an American teacher and researcher in the field of education. In 1973, she became the first African American woman to head the public school system in a major city

–TransAtlantic Productions

This lecture has been saved on my watch later list for years, maybe over 4. I’ve watched it multiple times and I’ve decided to start sharing some of my independent scholarly works including my scholarly work as a member of the City Colleges of Chicago and Governors State University. My independent works satisfy me more because it’s aligned with my passion.

We need to know (blacks, poor, indigenous peoples, etc.) that no one is coming to save us and we need to prepare those coming behind us for the real true world, and not the ideal world they teach us we will graduate into as we fake climb the ladder of success in capitalism and public systems.

Feel free to comment and share your thoughts. Please share this lecture with your people, they need to hear this.

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The Porch is a new web TV show that shares local and global community stories one porch at a time. The show is based in Chicago and you can catch them taking over the backstage at WGCI’s Summer Jam, July 26, 2018 at the United Center. There was performances from Big Sean, Trey Songz, YFN Lucci, Money Bagg Yo, Lil Baby, CDot Huncho, Queen Key, BlocBoy JB, Kash Doll, and Famous Dex.

Auntie Rita Lee is hosting all guest on her porch to talk about history, experience, people, opinions, rumors, community, and home turf blessings. Log onto theporchchicago.tv  . Interviews from Big Jam will be released soon (I’ll update this post with the release Date).

Nu Face

@DrUmarJohnson @The_HWCC #Umoja #Unity #UrbanPress #Recap #BKgetsherway

Dr. Umar Johnson at The Harold Washington Cultural Center for the First Day of Kwanza; and a Late Dinner at Yassa African Food

The first day of Kwanza was beautiful. If you’re not familiar with Kwanza don’t trip. Kwanza is an “African American” seven-day cultural experience recognized each year from December 26-January 1. The seven-day principles are Umoja (Unity), Kujichagulia (Self-Determination), Ujima (Collective Work and Responsibility), Ujamaa (Co-operative Economics), Nia (Purpose), Kummba (Creativity), Imani (Faith).

Umoja describes the First Day of Kwanza in Chicago at the Harold Washington Cultural Center. Dr. Umar Johnson, a Doctor of Clinical Psychology and Certified School Psychologist, was a Keynote Speaker along with a line of talented Artists. Johnson is facing a legal challenge with the Commonwealth State of Pennsylvania, Bureua of Professional and Occupational Affairs aka the State Board of Psychology.

Set aside all of that, he came through the land and dropped Jewels that are worthy of sharing with Urban (Black) Parents. As a Mentor, I consider this information to be a necessary conversation especially for young parents. Most parents aren’t educated on the business of “Education”, and it’s a major responsibility that they are educated.

  1. Never go to a school meeting by yourself
  2. Do not get your child evaluated if they are in 3
  3. Don’t communicate over the phone, always do it in writing via emails or written documents.
  4. Stop telling the school your business. (*inform your children of this too)
  5. Know that you have a right to a second opinion, especially if they’re claiming your child has special education needs. Legally the school will pay for the qualified specialist of your choice to evaluate your child for a second opinion.

Do your research and understand the policies that govern education. Don’t just leave it at that either, as a parent know what education is, to be able to determine what kind of education your child should receive. What a wonderful way to spend Umoja! It was a pleasure to learn better methods and theories to aid in helping us have a better understanding of developing our children.

Dr. Johnson is in the works of deciding where he will plant his first school. He’s deciding between Detroit, Atlanta, and Chicago. Allegedly, He’s had some conflicts along the way because he hasn’t gotten any returned phone calls from real estate interest. He’s had other partners and associates call to inquiry about the real estate. We’ll be contacting Dr. Umar Johnson to obtain more information about his plans with FDMG. We’ll keep you updated.

After our long day of unity he treated his staff and invited guest to dinner. If you haven’t ate at Yassa African Food , then set your date soon. We had a blast as a community, and we were treated like family. I can’t wait to see what the universe does next in Dr. Johnson’s journey.

Check out the gallery of press images from the event. Photo credits to Shabria Davidson of Sky Team Media, our Photojournalist of the evening. If you use images, I ask that you notify me and give credit to the creatives who produced the content. When contact is made you will be given all social media and credential information to use for multiple platforms. Respect our craft and art, these are non negotiable terms. Conditions made to subject vary, mass media laws apply.